Thank you for hosting a CPC Coffee Hour! Here are some helpful hints to make your hosting a simple process.

First, contact your Co-Host(s) in advance so you know who is bringing what. Need contact information-just call the church office at 845-534-2903 or email:

Anything you choose to bring to share is fine. Remember this is a nosh, not a meal. Most hosts put out some sort of 1) baked goods (they can be store bought) and then 2) fruit/vegetables or cheese and crackers. (You don’t have to do both fruit/vegetable AND cheese and crackers. It is totally up to you and your Co-Host.) Other alternatives are bagels with toppings.  Note-Kids always like micro-waved popcorn and that is easy.

Plan on arriving at 9:15 AM the Sunday you are hosting. (It may seem early but time flies by!)


The person hosting is responsible for getting a quart of whole milk and juice for the children.  If possible check the refrigerator in the kitchen prior to purchasing as there may be unexpired milk and juice that is available for use.  The Deacon’s supply the coffee, stirrers, sugar etc.  If you see an item is running low just write it on the dry erase board mounted on the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Use the 3 urns, marked coffee, decaf and hot water for the hot drinks.  If is a normal Sunday make the following amounts:

  • Regular Coffee:  30 Cups of water + 1 ½ cups of dry regular coffee grounds.
  • Decaf Coffee:  20 Cups of water + 1 cup of decaf coffee grounds.
  • Hot Water: 20 Cups

*Make sure you use a different plug or power strip for each urn when perking otherwise the Kitchen breaker may trip.  Good locations are the plugs on either side of the pass-through windows looking into the Fellowship Hall and the plug by the long pantry next to the pass-through into the Couser room.  There is now a silver extension box on the left side of the Fellowship Hall pass-through window that can handle two of the pots. Move all the urns into the Fellowship Hall pass-through window as the service is ending.  Place the urns on top of the wooden cutting boards for easy access to spout.

Silver Plug

Helpful hint: Adjust down if for some reason you expect the service to be less attended (bad weather or Sunday after a holiday); or up if there is a special occasion that additional guests might be attending (Baptism or Confirmation.)



CPC Kitchen
  1. The Coffee, sugar, sweeteners, tea and stirrers are found in the cabinets located above and below the Couser Room pass-through (next to the tall kitchen pantry). In the tall kitchen pantry next to that same pass-through are napkins, cups, plastic cutlery and table cloths.
  2. There are two types of coffee cups: Ceramic mugs are located in the upper cabinet above the Fellowship Hall pass-through. Biodegradable paper cups are located underneath the Couser Room pass through. Put out a mixture of 30 to start and place them in the pass-through between the coffee and hot water urns.   Also place sugar, sweeteners, tea, stirrers and milk in the pass-through as well.


  1. There is always a large long table setup in the front of the Fellowship Hall. Get out a small square table from the Storage Room behind it and put it next to the long table for the children’s table. Pre-pour small cups of fruit juice on a tray to be placed on the children’s table just before the service ends.  If serving popcorn, put some empty cups for them to use.
  2. Put out on the large long table before the service the following items: napkins, plates and any utensils needed. All utensils, servers etc are located in appropriately labeled drawers in the kitchen.
  3. You can pre-slice items before you come to church to save time, or you can do so during the setup period. There are an assortment of platters in the corner cabinet in the kitchen and baskets above the refrigerator. You can line them with doilies or paper napkins.
  4. You can bring out and leave non-perishable items on the long table in the Fellowship Hall during the service. Bring out anything that is perishable and had been stored in the fridge during the last hymn of the service.  Make sure serving utensils are near the items that need them.  *IMPORTANT: PLEASE NOTE ON THE SERVING TABLE IF ANY FOOD ITEMS HAVE NUTS IN THEM.
  5. Milk jugs are located in the cabinet over the Couser Room pass-through. Put out the milk towards the end of the service.

Helpful hint: Socialize with the other members during the coffee hour itself. Check the table periodically to see if anything needs to be refilled, or more popcorn made. Check the milk pitcher for refilling. Start consolidating as the coffee hour goes by.


Collect the used coffee cups and utensils to wash. The biodegradable paper cups can be recycled. Soap, rubber gloves and sponges are by and above the sink as are the dish towels.  When things are winding down you can dump the coffee grounds.  Don’t hesitate to enlist an extra helper who can assist in washing dishes/cleanup-the more the merrier!

After drying the mugs and utensils, put them back where they came from.

Take home any leftovers, give them away, or put in a ziplock bag in the freezer with a date for future use.   If leaving milk or spreads, date and put in the fridge.

Finally, THANK YOU, for helping with Coffee Hour and furthering the Fellowship time with the CPC family and friends!   God bless.