Worship with Us through Zoom or Facebook Live

In response to the coronavirus situation, we will be worshipping on Zoom and streaming from there to Facebook. I know, that sounds confusing. Here’s what it means. There will be two ways to access our worship service on Sunday.

1. You can join us on Zoom. If you haven’t yet experienced Zoom, it is an online meeting platform. The benefits are that we can all see each other (if you’ve connected with video). It is flexible in that people can also call in by phone. We encourage you to give Zoom a try. We are asking people to register. You will only have to do it once. You will receive a confirmation email upon registration and that will give you the link for worship. If you would like help in registering, we have “Tech Deacons” who can talk you through it. To register, click here:

To dial in by phone, call: 646-558-8656, enter Meeting ID: 133-561-915

2. The second option is to join us on Facebook Live via the CPC Facebook Page. To get to CPC’s Facebook Page, click here: