It is time again to start planning for our wonderful Operation Cookie Deployment project during which we gather and then mail boxes of homemade cookies and purchased snacks, small containers of personal care products, and hats to our service men and women who are stationed here in the United States and around the world. Our packing date for 2019 will be Saturday, February 9, (with donations accepted until Wednesday, February 6 ONLY), but there are many ways to start helping right now. First and foremost, please publicize the project by telling your friends, neighbors, and relatives both here and around the country about the project.

Secondly, we always need current APO addresses for our soldiers. Correctly filling out the Customs Forms that must accompany each box is a time-consuming task, and the earlier we receive the addresses the better.

Thirdly, whenever you are baking cookies, please bake a few extra batches and then freeze them, either at home or in the freezer in the Couser Room (carefully marked “OCD”).

Last, but far from least, Please start collecting small, travel-sized products. (A list of donations is below) We will begin accepting donations after church on Sunday, January 20, but if you have anything you want to donate now, please contact Marion Thomas. Please keep in your hearts and prayers the brave men and women who are faraway from home, often on dangerous duty, protecting us all. That is the best way to support Operation Cookie Deployment. Thank you!!


Cornwall Presbyterian Church is collecting non-perishable, heat-resistant, perfume-free, travel-sized (ONLY) items to send to our service men and women.  Please help by donating any of the items below by Wednesday, February 6, 2019; helping us pack boxes to mail on Saturday, February 9, 2019, starting at 9:00; and providing addresses for soldiers who would appreciate “a hug in a box from home.”  Please call the church office (534-2903) with complete APO addresses and for more information.

You may bring your items starting Sunday, January 27. We are collecting the following items to donate:

Personal Care Items/Travel Size ONLY/No Aerosols:

dental care products
foot spray (Tinacton, etc.)
hair care products
hand sanitizers/soap/bath gel
lip balm (SPF 15)
manicure/pedicure products
sun block (SPF 45)
disposable razors
baby wipes/disinfectant
Q Tips
eye drops (Visine, etc.)
tampons (needed especially)
Avon Skin-So-Soft

Food Items: Nothing with pork, alcohol, or aerosol.

candy/hard candy (NO chocolate)
canned meats/tuna in pouch
cookies (homemade or store bought) –Oreos a favorite
jerky/Slim Jims
nuts /seeds, dried fruit, trail mix
powdered beverage mixes (sugarfree is best)
Ramen noodles
snacks/crackers; granola/energy bars
individual packets of cereal/soup
single servings instant coffee
tea bags
hot sauce/seasoning salts

Misc. Items:

all-purpose greeting cards
white athletic socks (needed  especially)
decks of playing cards
books of word puzzles
re-sealable plastic freezer bags

Needed especially:  white athletic socks, tampons, knit caps- helmet liners (pattern available from Warmth For Warriors website)

To print & share this list  click – OperationCookieDeploymentDonationsList2019