Cornwall Presbyterian Church will collect non-perishable, heat-resistant items to send to our service men and women.  Please help by donating any of the items below; helping us pack boxes to mail on Saturday, February 11, 2017, starting at 9:00; and providing addresses for soldiers who would appreciate “a hug in a box from home.”  Please call the church office (534-2903) with complete APO addresses and for more information.

You may bring your items starting Sunday, January 29. We are collecting the following items to donate:

Personal Care Items/Travel Size ONLY/No Aerosols:

dental care products
foot spray (Tinacton, etc.)
hair care products
hand sanitizers/soap
lip balm (SPF 15)
bath gel
manicure/pedicure products
sun block (SPF 45)
disposable razors
cooling neck bands
baby wipes/disinfectant
surgical masks
Q Tips
eye drops (Visine, etc.)
tampons (needed especially)
Avon Skin-So-Soft

Food Items: Nothing with pork, alcohol, or aerosol.

candy/hard candy (NO chocolate)
canned meats/tuna in pouch
cookies (homemade or store bought) –Oreos a favorite
jerky/Slim Jims
nuts /seeds, dried fruit, trail mix
powdered beverage mixes (sugarfree is best)
Ramen noodles
snacks/crackers; granola/energy bars
individual packets of cereal/soup
single servings instant coffee
tea bags
hot sauce/seasoning salts

Misc. Items:

greeting cards
white athletic socks (needed  especially)
decks of playing cards
books of word puzzles
re-sealable plastic freezer bags

Needed especially:  white athletic socks, tampons, knit caps- helmet liners (pattern available from Warmth For Warriors website)

To print & share this list Operation Cookie Deployment Donations List