“This is my commandant, that you love one another as I have loved you”
– John 15:12

We believe that we are formed in God’s love and sent to share that love with the world. God sends the church with the power of the Holy Spirit to exercise compassion and fellowship within our community and with the world at large. Volunteers are needed throughout the year to help with service projects. Please follow the links below for more details on organizations and projects that are done throughout the year.

Special Projects

Throughout the year we are involved with many projects such as Operation Cookie Deployment and special dinners.

Here are some current volunteer opportunities:

Backpacks for Food

Backpacks for Food: Volunteer to shop, pack food, deliver food to schools. Interested in volunteering? Email cornwallbff@aol.com. Please see the Backpacks for Food website for more information www.cornwallbff.org

Food donations for Newburgh Ministry: Twice a month food is delivered to Newburgh Ministry, a sign up list is sent out with the most needed foods. Sign up for our weekly announcements to keep up to date about what is needed. Visit our Newburgh Ministry page to find out more about Newburgh Ministry.

Rural and Migrant Ministry: We are excited to be forming a partnership with our new neighbors, Rural and Migrant Ministry. We are currently in the visioning and planning stages and looking for people to help us discover opportunities for relationship and mutual service. Rural and Migrant Ministry

Volunteers at Rural & Migrant Ministry

Collect Coins for Cents and Cents-ability: Collect your spare change in a jar to help those in our area who are struggling with hunger. Periodically, we bring our jars to church and collect our change together, discovering that our spare change can make a difference!

Additional Mission Partners

These are some of the other organizations the we support throughout the year. Please visit their websites for more information about the organization.