Presbyterians are actually named for our form of government rather than our theology. Presbuteros is the Greek word for “elder.” We are named “presbyterians” because we are governed by elders. At CPC, our elders are elected by the congregation and typically serve 3 year terms. We call our governing body a “session,” other churches may call it a “council.” Our Session organizes itself through committees and occasional task forces. Our current Session and committees are listed below.

Session Organization 2024

Moderator, The Rev. Jeffrey Geary
Clerk of Session, Lori Ransom

Class of 2025

Nick Clark
Jim Leiner
Eileen Tulloch

Class of 2026

Nancy Chaudhry
Britney Lindenberger
Patricia Parker

Class of 2027

Brendan Coyne
Edward Wills
Rachel Withington

Worship, Eileen Tulloch, chair

Christian Formation, Rachel Withington, chair

Mission, Edward Wills, Chair

Finance, Nick Clark, chair

Property, Britney Lindenberger, chair

VNS Committee, Rachel Withington, chair

Congregational Care: Jim Leiner, chair

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