New Book Group: “Holy Disunity” by Layton E. Williams

We will be beginning a new book group on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. over Zoom. We began on Tuesday, July 7th. Please email, if you need any help connecting or finding a book.
Description from Westminster John Knox Press: These days, there’s no dirtier word than “divisive,” especially in religious and political circles. Claiming a controversial opinion, talking about our differences, even sharing our doubts can be seen as threatening to the goal of unity. But what if unity shouldn’t be our goal? In Holy Disunity: How What Separates Us Can Save Us, Layton E. Williams proposes that our primary calling as humans is not to create unity but rather to seek authentic relationship with God, ourselves, one another, and the world around us. And that means actively engaging those with whom we disagree. Our religious, political, social, and cultural differences can create doubt and tension, but disunity also provides surprising gifts of perspective and grace. By analyzing conflict and rifts in both modern culture and Scripture, Williams explores how our disagreements and differences—our disunity—can ultimately redeem us.

Ken Sampson will also be leading a book discussion group on “Paul: A Biography” by N. T. Wright that began Wednesday, July 1 at 1:00 p.m. via Zoom. In this new biography, we’re invited to see the humanity behind Paul the theologian. Best-selling author N.T. Wright portrays the Apostle Paul from within the context of the Jewish beliefs and hopes he embraced prior to his conversion. In establishing Christian community amongst isolated bodies of believers in the ancient world, Paul speaks timely words to us in this pandemic period of social distancing.

Ken Sampson has a couple of paperback copies of the book. Also, most of the assigned pages for this session are on-line (Amazon).  Please join us for this opportunity to focus on significant issues of God’s Church, and to be healed, challenged and changed in the process. For the Zoom information, please contact