Church on Christmas Eve

Epiphany Sunday

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. On Saturday, today, we are expecting the first major snowfall in several years, with the heaviest snow falling Sunday morning between 6:00 AM and 4:00 PM on Sunday. So first things first: be prepared and check on your neighbors who might need extra help ensuring their safety and meals. Secondly, say a prayer for the DPW and Highway Department, and those who work fire and safety. While the rest of us enjoy something of a snow sabbath, and hillsides will be full of sledders and snow creatures, they will be busy.

Finally, we are going to pivot our Sunday morning worship service to an entirely virtual one. Instead of a livestream, a worship video will be posted on this website, YouTube and Facebook on Sunday morning for Epiphany, including a service of communion. As you do your pre-storm grocery shopping, be sure to have some bread (or any foodstuff) and some juice (the earliest church actually used water) to set your table with before joining worship. We will be in our many locations united as the risen Jesus turns our dining room tables, desks and coffee tables into the Lord’s table.

Oh, and it looks like the Mobile Magi may be stuck in the storm too. They will arrive at the nativity next week to see the baby Jesus and bring our Christmas Season to a close. It happens!