Outdoor Easter Service

Pastor’s Message May 2021

I am delighted to be able to worship with you in person once again!  This past year has been both a time of gift and a time of struggle. We have lost people we loved and treasured. We have experienced anxiety and uncertainty. Yet, in the midst of this struggle, we have also discovered new gifts. We have learned new ways of gathering and of staying connected that will help to expand opportunities in the future. Church groups will now always have an option of gathering on Zoom if that is most convenient, or allow a few people to join an in person group virtually. We will now have a livestream of our worship services, creating worship opportunities within traveling, busy schedules, or a way to “visit” our congregation for those who are interested in learning more about us. These virtual options are already expanding participation in church life. Still, it will be wonderful to be able to see one another’s faces, have informal conversations on the church lawn, and take communion together at Sands Ring. I am especially looking forward to preaching for people in person, rather than only to a camera! I am so excited for the new opportunities that lie ahead. We walk forward with gratitude to God for carrying us through this wilderness journey, and with hope for the gifts God has for us as we step into the future God has for us.

Pastor Tricia