Pastor’s Message for February

Dear Friends,
Lent begins late this year, with Ash Wednesday on March 2nd. This means that we have an extended season of Epiphany. We now have all February to be surprised by God’s presence in unexpected people and places, and to find new ways in which God makes love known. February may seem a strange time to think in this way, with cold temperatures, dark mornings and early sunsets. But perhaps divine light is more vivid against a gray sky.
I have seen this light so clearly within this community and I thank God for all of you. I’m grateful for compassion and kind wishes when we were sick. The warmth of our adult formation gatherings is palpable and precious. Quiet service is offered by so many people who provide for our mission, maintain our buildings, and prepare for our worship. This congregation responds to need readily and sacrificially, and often in hidden ways. 
As we walk forward, I am grateful for this extended season of Epiphany. I am grateful for this reminder and opportunity to discover where God’s light shines. Blessings to all of you as we continue this journey together.

Faithfully, Pastor Tricia