Transfiguration Sunday Hike

On Transfiguration Day, Jesus climbed a mountain with several of his closest friends.  At the summit, they were granted an epiphany that changed their lives.  On February 19, in worship and church school, we will contemplate this story and then, after worship, we will “go and do likewise.” At 1:00 Pastor Jeff and Hans P. will lead a hike suitable for all ages, up and back in less than two hours. Along the way, we hope to see beauty everywhere in creation and the moral beauty of friends spending time together. The hike is open to the whole community, so tell a friend or bring a neighbor.  The Hudson Highlands is full of walkers. 

It would be helpful to the organizers to know how many intend to participate. If you are interested, or have questions, please email Pastor Jeff at and he’ll keep a running list.