Based on Hudson River Presbytery and CDC Guidelines

Cautionary Statements:

Although approval may be given for holding worship or a meeting, that does not suggest or imply that an

“in-person” meeting is in the best interests of individuals involved.  Perhaps a virtual meeting should be considered.

It would be in the best interests of everyone to not attend an “in-person” meeting if an attendee is at high risk of COVID 19 based on the following criteria:

a. over 65 years of age and/or   

b. has an underlying medical condition or family member with underlying medical condition.

If any of the below, based on screening questions, are yes, the individual should not be allowed to attend or enter the building.

a. been exposed to COVID 19 in the past fourteen (14) days and/or the past 14 days you have experienced:  fever (100.4), cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, feeling ill

c. traveled to a quarantined state in the past fourteen (14) days

Remember, when using a mask and social distancing, you are not protecting yourself from others, you are protecting others from you, even if you are not displaying symptoms.  Each person must decide what is in their own best interests for maximum protection of their own health and that of others.


To make decisions out of an abundance of caution for health and safety, not emotional reaction.

To safely meet the health, safety, social and worship needs for each member of our church family.

To create an environment that is guided by health and safety considerations.

To offer the opportunity for in-person gatherings at an acceptable level of risk.

To establish capabilities for offering a three-part worship service: in person, Zoom and recorded.

General Guidelines for Meetings and Worship:

Capacity will be limited to 50 people.

There must be 12 feet of distance between the Pastor and attendees.

Each person’s temperature will be taken, anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or above will need to attend virtually.

Attendees may sit only in designated seats and only with their own family.

Children will remain with their parents.

There will be no Child-care provided.

Parents should bring toys, note pads or coloring activities as needed for their child/children.

Bibles and hymnals will not be used.

Unison prayers, responsive readings, out-loud singing, humming, whistling and wind instruments will not be used.

Printed bulletins will not be used.

The collection plate will be placed on a stand at the rear of the church.

Refreshments will not be made available and attendees should not gather outside following worship or meeting.

Religious Rites:

Baptisms and funerals are not yet recommended for the sanctuary or fellowship hall.

Attendees Will:

Maintain social distancing while entering, attending, and leaving.

Be screened for temperature and asked COVID 19 health questions at the entrance (Cautionary Statements c, d, and e).

Use hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving the building.

Wear a mask at all times during the worship service or a meeting.

Follow directions of the ushers or meeting chairperson for seating and dismissal.

Refrain from contact with non-family members (no passing of peace, hugs, elbow bumping, etc.) ( gestures such as arms crossed on your chest or a polite bow have been suggested).

Leave the building at the conclusion of the service/meeting.

Observe social distancing when using restrooms, carefully wash hands with soap and water after using the facility, use a paper towel to open door on your way out and then discard the towel in the basket provided.


The room utilized, seating and implements used will need to be thoroughly cleaned with a disinfectant following its use before being reused.  The sexton will be responsible for cleaning following worship.  The committee leader is responsible for setting up and cleaning after meetings.

These guidelines will be consistently reviewed and revised as circumstances dictate.