August Message

Dear Friends,
I have been thinking of all of you as I have been hiking, traveling, exploring, and reconnecting with friends. I was especially inspired by my time with a long-time mentor of mine, Rev. Dr. Harry Eberts, and the First Presbyterian Church of Santa Fe, New Mexico. In addition, Harry and I joined other pastors for a retreat at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico, a conference center of the PCUSA. I gained relationships with thoughtful colleagues, was inspired by new ideas, walked their beautiful labyrinth, and discovered renewal for the journey we take at CPC together. I am grateful to Pat Parker, Ken Sampson, and all of the others who have joined in leadership while I was away.

I really enjoy this summer time in the church year. We call it “Ordinary Time,” but I always find it to be vibrant. This less cluttered time of year always seems to carry promise as we enjoy our summer and consider what our next program year will look like. It is a season for creativity, imagination, and renewal.  I am finding that this summer feels even more exciting as we notice the new neighbors God has been placing in our midst. Who can miss the many new faces around town as people move in from the city and military families get settled into their new homes? The possibilities for relationship and meaningful ministry seem endless as we explore our growing relationship with our neighbors at Rural and Migrant Ministry. I wonder what God is up to at CPC and in our community and I can’t wait to find out! Thanks to Mark Lobb and Liesl Hoeldtke, our first ministry interns to serve this partnership. We will miss them when they leave us in mid-August!

Enjoy this time of rest, renewal, and the opportunity to walk back into pieces of life that were put on hold over the course of the pandemic. Let’s engage in our community, notice how God is working, and consider how we are called to take part. It’s exciting to be back with you.

Faithfully,Pastor Tricia