December Letter

Dear Friends,
Advent is a time of the church year that we do not always know well. We often think of it as simply the four weeks before Christmas. But Advent has important gifts for us, perhaps especially this year. I have heard many people speak of a sense of fatigue or languishing amidst this Covid, post Covid, or Covid management experience. We read about a “great resignation” and it seems to capture a sense of wanting the future to be different, hoping for something new. Perhaps we are in an Advent time. In a world that prizes an efficient and speedy arrival to every destination, Advent offers the opportunity of expectant waiting. Advent is a gift to us, four weeks of dreaming, hoping, praying, and preparing for the new life God is opening up for each of us and for our world. Light a candle with us and join us as we wait for the birth of hope, peace, joy, and love.

Faithfully, Pastor Tricia